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Remote Sensing and CAD Services

We provide the following RS/ CAD services.

Image Classification

Our consultants provide in-depth experience in image analysis and classification of remotely sensed imagery depending on your need of details, accuracy, and regimen of classification schemes. We offer value in understanding the raw data coded and captured in the images, and leverage spatial and spectral content of the imagery to produce intended end results. Our engineers use sophisticated image classification and analysis techniques to produce classification results with defined accuracy parameters. Based on pixel return data, we process remotely sensed images and develop thematic maps. The themes can be banded according to your project specifications based on the utility and purpose of such thematic maps. We provide very strict QA/QC services on all of the projects to ensure the quality and timeliness of the deliverables and artifacts. We specialize in the following areas:


Satellite imagery or even imagery captured from flights contain coordinate geometry issues in terms of x, y, z. Even if post processed, the "raw" images may still contain many geometric errors. These images without correct georeferencing or georegistration are of little to no value to GIS based systems where coordinate geometry and trigonometric calculations need to be performed. GIS also needs the images to be georeferenced to do simple calculation e.g. areas, distance), and also to represent correctly their location on the face of the earth. Our engineers process the raw images to remove these geometric errors and register those to a real-world coordinate system.

Image Mosaic:

A mosaic is an ensemble of multiple images with substantial overlaps to create a continuous representation of a predefined area on the surface of the earth. This representation is done mostly on a flat surface to represent earth – the curvature may not be taken into account (depends on project). Georeferenced images are used to construct the mosaic per your specifications of overlap and ground coverage. Our engineers stitch together hundreds of individual images to produce a single digital image of a large area according to your project needs.

Image Enhancement:

Image enhancement techniques are complex routines used by our engineers to enhance features, objects, or areas of interest according to your project needs. The images are digitally processed to enhance them visually for introspection and interpretation. Different enhancement regimens can be prescribed depending on the goal of your project as follows:

  • Certain features and objects can be subdued purposely so that required features stand out visually.
  • Certain features and object can be just enhanced using routines and techniques within the software to enhance them.
  • Do both of the above for further enhanced effect depending on the project needs.

"We provide image analysis and classification services on a variety of imagery."