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Remote Sensing and CAD Services

We provide the following RS/ CAD services.

Lidar Analysis and Modeling

We provide high quality consulting services based on LIDAR data, and process your LIDAR datasets (single returns and multi-point returns) to perform any return based analysis. LIDAR data have been used by our engineers in various industry domains e.g. utilities, transportation, planning, land development, terrain analysis, engineering, and natural resource management to provide a variety of services and outputs e.g. for 3D modeling, DTM generation, contour mapping, breakline definitions, feature abstractions, and regression analysis. Our engineers develop algorithms and applications for regression analysis, modelling, and testing on your LIDAR datasets that have practical use in the domains mentioned above.

We do not provide any LIDAR data collection services but some of our partners do. If you have any need for LIDAR data collection that will be highly accurate but economic, feel free to contact us.

"We provide post processing and data analytics services on Lidar data."