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Remote Sensing and CAD Services

We provide the following RS/ CAD services.

Orthophoto Correction

Orthophoto production is the process of transforming the central projection of the terrain as recorded in aerial photos in to a digital geo-referenced image with the same geometric attributes as a map. This transformation from a central projection in to an orthogonal projection requires a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) with sufficient density and accuracy. Digital orthophotos are required for a variety of mapping, GIS and environmental monitoring tasks. The transition to softcopy photogrammetry has resulted in photogrammetric operations becoming an integral part of GIS applications and geodatabases. In particular, digital orthophotos are now recognized as valuable "base map" coverages that can be used to identify ground control, update existing coverages for land use/cover and transportation routes and assess changes in the landscape caused by construction or environmental phenomena.

We perform image analysis and orthophoto corrections using various image analysis and image processing software e.g. ERDAS Imagine, ER Mapper etc. We employ cutting-edge photogrammetric tools for image analysis and presentation including analytical instruments and workstations to post process collected data and deliver mapping products customized to your output formats. We have versatile knowledge in various photogrammetric systems - from old DATUM to recent LEICA setups. We will provide you with analysis reports and documentation as per the project specifications. We are not flying our own planes yet to capture images. Mostly, we depend on photos and satellite images provided to us by our clients for their analysis needs. Our highly qualified engineers manage and deliver these projects to multiple organizations across the world.

"We are proficient in areial and ortho photo corrections."