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Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS)

Immense amount of information within any organization remain mostly unorganized, sometimes un-accessed and lost. We have found through our experience that humans are very good in accessing information from a structured skeleton (e.g. finding a book on a library shelf), but not so good in saving into a structured system (that's why the librarian exists to take care of your book returns and properly shelf them). Users have a routine challenge of archiving, accessing, retrieving, and saving information and documents in an organized way that affects the future retrievals and saves.

With the growth of an organization, complex Windows directory structures evolve as a poor substitute of ECMS. This becomes a major concern over time, and user malpractices add to the document management challenge. From images to large files to emails, all kinds of documents can be managed, tracked, audited using the latest array of ECMS offering in the market. Leveraging our product and platform independent consulting approach, we recommend and help you implement the appropriate ECMS for your organization. Our consultants address these issues by identifying the right product for your business requirements, and implementing appropriate ECMS suites or modules depending on your business drivers and goals.

Some of the major ECMS systems/ technologies that we have worked with are as follows:

  • Docterrier Mobile GIS Content Management
  • iManage
  • SharePoint
  • FileNet
  • Laserfiche
  • Joomla
  • iCompass

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