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IT Security Consulting

One of our core areas is Information Security Consulting. Many technologies, products, and solutions are available in the market but what fits to an organization’s requirement needs to be evaluated and selected carefully. We bring the right industry experience and expertise to provide consultancy on most of the technologies and solutions that address different conventional and non-conventional business requirements. We have extensive experience assessing, evaluating, and implementing a federated enterprise IT systems which includes requirement analysis, strategic planning, software and platform identification, implementation planning, and deploying IT systems across the organization for federal, state, and local governments that require an understanding of all stakeholders, infrastructure, framework, technologies, portals, data warehouses, other IT systems and databases, and organization dynamics.

Our team specializes in independent IT security guidance, standards- based technical controls validation, and remediation to reduce cost while strengthening clients' overall security posture. We believe that one size fits all is not the best solution for security management. Most clients' security requirements are unique, and they change as new threats emerge. We do not limit ourselves to licensed products only; rather we implement open source products also that can be customized according to business need to keep costs lower. We take a risk-based mitigation and solutions approach that remains current but scalable as the environment grows or changes. We deliver the following total security consulting solutions:

  • Enterprise Compliance Assessment and Recommendations
  • Enterprise Security Assessment and Recommendations
  • We use an interactive methodology to ensure client goals are met. Our consultants engage in recurring, scheduled security and compliance initiatives, or short-term, one-time projects, whichever best meets the needs of the organization. Enterprise Security Assessments (ESA) examine customer’s information security program from two perspectives at both a technical and program level. These programs include:

  • Policies
  • Precedures
  • Infrastructure Implementations
  • Security Controls
  • To ensure the accuracy and quality of results, consultants perform false positive validation on the findings and provide a full report including countermeasures necessary to secure vulnerabilities and ensure compliance. Some of our core consulting services are listed below:

    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Penetration Testing
    • Security Architecture Design and Reviews
    • Security Policy and Procedure Design
    • Manual Process Reviews
    • Datacenter Security Services
    • User and Partner Access Control Policy Reviews and Management
    • Mobile and Cloud Security Technologies
    • Customer Security Assessments
    • Asset Security Management
    • Remediation Consulting Support

    "Our IT Security solutions provide you peace of mind."