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We provide Total IT solutions.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services (MSS) is a systematic approach to manage customer's security needs including network and information security systems. Functions of managed security services include round-the-clock monitoring and management of customer’s IT security infrastructure like firewall, intrusion detection or prevention systems, unified threat management systems and secure web gateways etc., overseeing the patch management and upgrades, performing security assessments and audits, and responding to IT security related emergencies or crisis.

Today's distributed organizations are struggling with the increasing sophistication, proliferation, and severity of network security threats where “Malware” is a daily issue. With security protection from AAKAVS Managed Security Services (MSS), companies can have cloud-based network protection round the clock against individual and blended threats without incurring the distraction, expense and complexity of in-house systems and support staff.

Our MSS offerings:


  • On premises deployment
  • Hosted deployment
  • Cloud deployment


  • STANDARD Monitoring includes a] 8 x 5 Monitoring, b] Open Source Infrastructure, c] Shared Monitoring Team
  • ADVANCED Monitoring includes a] 12 x 5 Monitoring, b] Licensed Infrastructure, c] Shared Monitoring Team
  • PREMIUM Monitoring includes a] 24 x 7 Monitoring, b] Dedicated Infrastructure, c] Dedicated Monitoring Team


  • Remediation Recommendations Consulting
  • Remediation for Endpoint
  • Remediation for Network
  • Remediation for Systems


  • Security Appliance Deployment
  • Security Appliance Management
  • Firewall or UTM Management
  • Security Administration

"Our IT Security solutions provide you peace of mind."