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We provide Total IT solutions.

Enterprise IT Consulting

We provide enterprise oriented consulting methods based on best practices, and industry standard solutions to leverage and integrate various systems, applications, and data within your organization. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is one of our key focus areas. There may not be enough coordination and communication between your data and systems, there may be a reorganization going on making the dependency on IT systems even more critical, and may have redundant workflows to perform your routine work. The data may reside in legacy systems and silos, the processes/ workflows/ dataflows may be outdated, security may be slack, and the systems may not be communicating with each other enough – whatever are the challenges, our consultants have seen it all.

We excel in needs and requirements analysis, gap and options analysis, system evaluations (existing, legacy, new), product and platform identification, and devise optimal implementation plans to streamline and transform your business processes for productivity gains. We assist with the planning and assessment of your enterprise, application and data needs, data collection and capture procedures, business processes, data access and dissemination procedures, and hardware & software platform evaluation. We conduct user workflow analysis, data and process flows, and design sessions to identify and streamline business needs. One of our consulting strengths lies in identifying ways in which workflows can be optimized or automated, and limited resources can be managed well to provide immediate productivity gains. We also perform detail enterprise architecture design in order to assess the readiness of your infrastructure, identify gaps, and plan for the implementation of a federated but "well communicating" system. The artifacts developed during the strategy, planning, and deployment phases are documented and used extensively during implementation and post implementation support. The above approach is crucial to provide optimum, business needs driven solutions. We also help identify training requirements for your workforce, and in some cases provide the required training.

With our consultants working by your side, you can address your business goals better and quicker with more efficiency and accuracy using optimized and integrated IT systems and industry best practices. We also create and configure customized collaboration portals (data and applications), management dashboards, and operations dashboards by user roles to increase control, supervision, efficiency, and productivity. Our consultants are also extensively involved in implementation, project management, stakeholder training, and technology transfer so that you can own and operate your systems with comfort. On request, we also provide on-call support services if your staff needs project based or routine support for your IT systems.

Some of our end-to-end enterprise IT consulting services are as follows:

  • Facilitate meetings, interview, workshops, electronic surveys
  • Enterprise IT Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Enterprise IT Architecture Design
  • Technical and Design Documents
  • Needs Assessment
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Options Analysis
  • Business Process Re-engineering and Improvements
  • Specifications Development
  • Programmatic Recommendations Development
  • Implementation Planning including scope, budget, schedule
  • Designing and Integrating Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Database Design and Development in SQL Server, DB2, Oracle
  • Enterprise IT Application Development
  • IT Portal Development including SharePoint
  • Management and Operations Dashboard Development
  • Enterprise IT Integration
  • Software and Deployment Platform Identification
  • Hardware Identification and Sizing
  • Data Development, Migration, and Conversion
  • IT Security and Compliance
  • Microsoft Office Automation
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) implementation
  • Migration to Cloud Technology
  • Rapid Web Deployment

"We provide Total IT Solutions."